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Recent system updates:

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Recent system updates:

#2.0 version

1. The front-end frame is iterated, upgraded from a single-page frame to a floating frame (head, left, and bottom fixed);

2. The front-end framework is written in plug-in format according to w3c standards and module public methods;

3. Upgraded system homepage layout;

4. The menu module is loaded from all to iteratively loaded into asynchronous to improve the access speed;

5. For each function module (addition, deletion, modification, check, etc.), the effects of adding tabs, progress bars, rotating mask loading, etc.;


#1.0 version

1. First trip and self-issued statement printing;

2. Loss management and printing of loss compensation sheet;

3. New channels MRW Spain and MRW Portugal are officially launched;

4. Check the URL: Add "MRW Spain Local" access;

5. Post-optimization of monthly statement;

Some functions will be updated in the next stage;

Thank you for your continued support to Qicheng!

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