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Comparison of the status quo of Amazon America and France

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Comparison of the status quo of Amazon America and France

In this week, I believe that Amazon sellers must have heard the news. On Monday, Eastern Time, Amazon announced its decision to lift the ban on non-essential goods.

After hearing this news, the seller can finally feel relieved. With the lifting of this ban, some non-essential goods can be gradually shipped to Amazon's warehouses. For many sellers facing the situation that the link is about to be out of stock, this news is like a timely rain.

However, Amazon also stated that even though non-essential products can be put into the warehouse, the quantity will still be limited. Unlike the past, the inventory can be replenished unscrupulously. The first thing is to ensure that essential products have sufficient inventory and delivery personnel.

Fortunately, it also shows that it will ensure that most sales partners can deliver the goods to the Amazon warehouse. At present, Amazon has proven with practical actions to expand the creation of non-essential goods. At the same time, in some regions, the delivery time of non-essential goods is also shortening. This is good news for both consumers and sellers.

Then, the problem comes again, non-essential goods can be placed in warehouses, what should sellers and suppliers take next in the face of the current situation, so that they can continue to operate better?

Personally, I think there is no chance for the holiday promotion in April now. Now the focus is to consider Prime Day and the next big event, which requires suppliers and sellers to implement core plans to ensure that they are ready for Prime Day and the fourth quarter. If they do not finish their work ahead of schedule, they will find themselves behind.

Suppliers and sellers should fully understand their current inventory status and make plans for when the business will return to normal. The key is to increase the traffic to the hot-selling ASIN with sufficient inventory to restart the PO (purchase order) algorithm to prepare for future PO.

For those suppliers and sellers who are producing and selling non-essential products, they have not yet received product orders. In order to prevent any critical supply chain issues, they need to discuss inventory plans now and in the future. You can use tools or cooperate with professional organizations to help you better understand Amazon’s inventory forecast and how to use any excess resources so that you can place product production orders in advance for Prime Day and holiday sales in the fourth quarter. Get ready.

Recently, this is good news for sellers in the US, but for sellers in France, it is simply a "Black Friday" in the United States. Because of the impact of the epidemic, the seriousness of the epidemic in France has delayed the turning point. Therefore, France restricts Amazon's business.

According to Agence France-Presse, the French court ordered on April 14 that Amazon must restrict the company's business and only process orders for necessities for people's livelihood before assessing the results of the risk related to the new crown virus in the French Amazon company's warehouse!

According to the Nanterre Court's ruling, the court held that Amazon "obviously ignored its obligations to protect the health of its employees in terms of safety and prevention."

The court ordered Amazon to restrict the company's business and only process orders for food, hygiene and medical products. If a violation of the order is found, Amazon will pay an overdue fine of 1 million euros every day!

The court ordered an assessment of the employee health protection measures adopted by Amazon and the risks related to the new crown virus in its warehouses. After the assessment has passed, Amazon can resume the delivery of non-necessities of people's livelihood! This restriction will be implemented "after 24 hours" for a period of one month. Depending on the situation of the new coronary pneumonia, the court may decide to extend these restrictions. Amazon must do risk assessment work with company employee representatives!

▶ Why is Amazon prohibited from selling at this time when footwear is strictly prohibited nationwide and people have to obtain essential goods from e-commerce platforms?

It turns out that many French unions have previously stated that they have doubts about Amazon's working conditions and health standards during the outbreak. Some unions even called for a complete suspension of all Amazon’s business activities in France until the assessment of Amazon’s working environment is completed. The French Nanterre court, which accepted the case, completed its ruling on Tuesday, restricting Amazon's activities in France and only allowing the receipt and delivery of basic products such as food and health care. Due to the court's ruling, the French station is temporarily cold, and the specific situation has to wait for the epidemic situation one month later and whether Amazon's risk estimate has passed.

Although the French station is temporarily cold, in Europe, Amazon has won more orders due to the impact of the epidemic. After Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy have successively adopted stringent home bans, the only place where people can safely buy supplies is Amazon. Therefore, Amazon's online sales throughout Europe are still rising.

All in all, in the face of the raging epidemic environment, for Amazon sellers, challenges are accompanied by opportunities, and opportunities are born out of difficulties!

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